Monday, January 30, 2017

100Kingdoms - Roman Apes


The Apes are ready for your inspection, sir! 
Let me know if there is anything that needs changing.

And I am now a big supporter of these Apes.  
Whenever it is feasible for you, I would like to get more of these guys.  
I plan to proxy them as Ogre Kingdoms for Warhammer.
Next I tackle the Dinos...



Javelin Apes


 Messenger, Caesar Chimp, Senator

Back view of capes and Praetorian

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

100Kingdoms - Dino puzzles


The Roman Apes and felines were well behaved and easily sorted out.
But I got some questions about the bugs and dinos.
I felt like an archaeologist at a dig site sorting thru fossils.
Which means, I enjoyed it.

Here are the only minis that have more than two of each.
You did mention you wanted 2 of the dual wield raptors, so that explains the 3 of them.
But there are 7 of the bugs below them.
Also, the raptors above, one of the poor fellas has two left hands.  I will keep him, and paint the other two for you.

These bug things have two left hand attachments, but only 1 weapon.
He is missing a hand, or weapon.
If you want, I can put both those same two weapons on one model.
( in this case, you owe me a raptor right hand, and 2 bug spear hands)

OK, the fun part was this trio. 
Dryfitted them with clay.
The arms were all in the wrong bags and I had to sort them out by fitting the sockets to the minis.  Not hard, but at first I was scratching my head, til I figured out to try the arms from other dinos.

The guy on the left now has the arms of the center fella.
The guy in the center now has the arms of the right fella.
And the right fellas now has the arms of the left fella.

Had to sort out the puzzling pieces left over and realized they were dino armor pieces.
Here is the helmet and tail armor for this guy.

And this ones armor.

But what is this piece?

Could it be his helmet?

Another view.  Looks wierd, but I cant imagine where else it fits on.

If any of the above is incorrect, let me know...


Wednesday, January 25, 2017