Saturday, March 26, 2016

War & Empire 15mm Carthaginian Commission

War & Empire 15mm Carthaginian Commission

Overview of army

WE-CA01 Carthaginian Heavy Cavalry   

WE-CA02 Carthaginian Unarmoured African Foot

WE-CA03 Carthaginian Armoured African Veterans

WE-CA04 Carthaginian Balearic & Libyan Skirmishers 

WE-CA07 Carthaginian 4-Horse Chariots

WE-CA08 Carthaginian Sacred Band 

WE-NU01 Numidian Light Cavalry

Friday, March 18, 2016

For Sale: 20 Painted Squats - Citadel Rogue Trader Era, Genestealers Too!

Painted figures for sale!
20 Squats (Space Dwarfs) from the 1980s Citadel Rogue Trader Era are looking for a good home.

Their nasty sworn enemies 32 Genestealers are also wanting adoption.

These figures are painted and ready for combat.
See link for pictures of the actual figures:

 Asking price for 20 Squats and 32 Genestealers is $300USD plus shipping

Cost of unpainted figures was about $150.USD
So cost of painting these figures is about $3USD per figure.

email me at if interested
payment is via paypal.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, March 14, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Paint Commission 15mm Arab-Israeli War

Pics and paint colors for Paint Commission 15mm Arab-Israeli War

Overview shot of all 3 factions

Jordanian uniform: GW Elysian Green

Back view of webbing and packs: Vallejo Green Brown

Guns: GW Averland Sunset

Front view of entrenchments

Back view


Uniforms: Vallejo Khaki
Back view of webbing: GW Ushabti

UAR Egyptians


Uniform: Vallejo Sand Yellow

Back view of webbing: Khaki Grey
AT guns: GW Screaming Skull

Lots of sandbags