Saturday, March 12, 2016

Custom Built Rogue Trader Explorer And His Retinue

These are unique one of a kind, custom built conversions.
Its a Rogue Trader Captain and his crew.

The parts to build these models are expensive, hence the higher cost. Plus, I had to work on the converting part of it.  But my paint job per figure is still $6 a pop.

10 figures no one else will ever have.  Except you, gentle sir, who decides to purchase them!

All for $160 plus shipping
Let me know if you want them by emailing me at:


(Lefto to right) Astro Telepath, the Rogue Trader Captain, and Lexmechanic

Tech Enginseer, Navigator, and Medical Officer
Ecclesiarch Priest, and Adeptus Arbites Judge
Man At Arms, and VoidMaster

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