Friday, February 3, 2017

100Kingdoms - Bugs

Ok, buddy, here are the bugs. 
This wraps up all the 100 Kingdoms minis you sent.

After some trial and error, I got this burnt red bug recipe. 
Its a 2 wash process (brown/burgundy mix, then a black/red mix) over a normal red base.
I decided not to drybrush over it, which keeps the whole scheme dark.
But if you like, I can brighten it with a light red, very subtle drybrush to bring out the edges a bit.
Personally, I like the darker tone, but I can understand brightening it up a bit too. 
Let me know if you need some modifications done...

 warrior bug and a big winged bug

 6 warrior bugs

 miner bug, and a taskmaster bug

 hopping bug, and an elite flyer bug

2nd stegosaur


  1. Any news on the new owner of the Hundred kingdoms miniatures???

    1. Dan,

      Sorry buddy, no new news about the line.
      The owner mentioned he would try for a kickstarter last summer.
      Perhaps this year...?