Friday, January 12, 2018

Painted Minis for Sale part 3 - Humans & Dwarves


I am making my switch to 15mm and you have an opportunity to own figures from my Moria Reclamation Project Blog!

I will be keeping my Citadel figures but all others will be going.

If you would like more pics of certain minis or units let me know. (or you can search my Moria blog for more pics too)

Prices are calculated at my normal commission prices (plus prep and basing) and the cost of figures.
Renedra movement trays are included for free, if shown!

Contact me at to purchase figures.

 3 kid adventurers (witch, barbarian, paladin) = $20 for all 3   ~~~SOLD~~~

 3 kid adventurers (ranger, fighter, cleric) = $20 for all 3 ~~~SOLD~~~

 10 Dwarf Rangers (Reaper) = $120

 20 Reaper Dwarves = $240

 20 Ratnik Dwarves = $240
(There may be an errant Bob Olley and or Reaper as well)

 20 Heartbreaker Dwarves = $160
(again there may be 1 or 2 Dwarves of other manufacture here; Stonehaven?)

 9 Last Stand Dwarves (various companies) = $45
(D&D minis, Mage Knight, Stonehaven)

 17 Hasslefree Dwarves = $170  ~~~Sold~~~
(an old Ral Partha is in here too)

 10 Grenadier Dwarves = $100

 18 Tavern Dwarves = $180
(Alt Armies, Reaper, Bob Olley, Iron Claw)

 20 Ral Partha Dwarves = $160
(The King figure is a Dark Eye mini, the rest are Ral Partha)

 20 Foot Knights = $60   ~~~SOLD~~~
(WOTR Perry Twins)
 15 more Foot Knights = $45   ~~~SOLD~~~
(WOTR Perry Twins)

8 Various Barbarians = $96
All Reaper minis, one is a dwarf

 4 Knights = $52
Perry Twins
 5 Knights of Dol Amroth = $65  ~~~Sold~~~
Perry Twins, printed flags

 11 Rangers, Elves and Half Elves = $55
From D&D minis, Mage Knight, Heroclix

 20 House Mormont = $180
Reaper, lots of customized Warhammer plastics

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